Advanced MS Excel

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Chapter 1: Getting Started
Excel Overview
Excel Ribbon/Menu Commands
Basic Data Manipulations
Managing Workbooks & Worksheets
Formatting Basics
Excel Hierarchy
Chapter 2: Functions
Logical Functions
Arithmetic Functions
Date Functions
Chapter 3: Complex Formulas & Functions
Lookup Formulas
1. Vlookup
2. Hlookup
3. Nested Vlookup
Advanced referencing functions
1. Index
2. Match
3. Offset & etc
Chapter 4: What-if Analysis
Goal-Seek command
Using Data Tables
Merge scenarios from another worksheet
Chapter 5: Chart & Layouts
Creating Charts using chart wizard
Useful Graphs & Charts
1. One Axis Graphs
2. Two Axis Graphs & etc
Gantt Charts
Chapter 6: Pivot Tables
Steps to create Pivot Table
Arranging fields (Methodology –How & Why)
Formatting Pivot Table
Introducing Slicing Tool
Managing & Formatting Slices
Chapter 7 : Sparklines
Creating a Sparkline
Design a Sparkline
Comparing Sparklines
Chapter 8 : Excel Tools (In-Built)
Data Filters & Usage
Data Sorting
Pivot Tables (Creating, Updating & Modifying)
Advanced Formatting
Chapter 9: Macros
Recording, Executing & Saving a Macro
Editing & Debugging a Macro
Error Handling
Chapter 10: Career guidance
Discussion on a practical business scenarios
Interview question bank with answers
Resume modeling
This course does not have any sections.

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