Angular JS

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Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework AngularJS
About AngularJS
Uses of AngularJS
Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework
Write your first program in Angular JS
Comparison between JavaScript Frameworks
Dependency Injection and Controllers
Creating Controllers
Two Way Binding
Sharing data between Controllers
Dependency Injection.
Route, Directive and Filters
Why use Routes
Creating Routes
Nested Routes
Creating Directives and Filters.
Creating Custom Directives and Filters
Custom Directives
Why Custom Directives
Creating and Using Custom Directives
Custom Filters
Creating and Using Custom Filters.
Third Party AngularJS Modules and Testing Angular
Modules & its necessities
Usage of angular-ui
Usage of ng-grid
Usage of angular-translate and Testing AngularJS.
AngularJS with Node.js,Yeoman and Rest Exposure
Introduction to Node.js
Introduction to Yo Generator
Bower, Rest Exposure
Web Sockets and Push Notification.
Project Discussion
Creating templates
Loading templates using route
Binding data to the view
Writing business logic and validations in controller and Exposing services
angular integration with MVC using Lamp Stack
Angular with Mean Stack.
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