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After the completion of Real-Time Analytics with Apache Kafka course at Iteanz, you should be able to: 1. Understand Kafka and its components
2. Set up an end to end Kafka cluster along with Hadoop and Yarn cluster
3. Integrating Kafka with real time streaming systems like Spark & Storm
4. Describe the basic and advanced features involved in designing and developing a high throughput messaging system
5. Use Kafka to produce and consume messages from various sources including real time streaming sources like Twitter
6. Understanding the insights of Kafka API
7. Work on a real life Project, implementing Twitter streaming with Kafka, Hadoop & Storm

Who should go for this course? 
This course is designed for professionals who want to learn Kafka techniques and wish to apply it on Big Data. It is highly recommended for:
1. Developers who want to gain acceleration in their careers as a "Kafka Big Data Developer"
2. Testing professionals who are currently involved in Queuing and Messaging systems
3. Big Data Architects who like to include Kafka in their ecosystem
4. Project Managers involved in projects of messaging systems

What are the Pre-requisites for this Course?
Knowledge of core java concepts is the pre-requisite for this course. We provide a complimentary course i.e. "Java Essentials for Apache Kafka" to all the participants who enroll for the Real-Time Analytics with Apache Kafka training.

Which Case-Studies will be a part of the Course? 
Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a live project where you will be using Kafka messaging system to perform analysis on Twitter Streaming along with Hadoop, Spark & Storm.

Why learn Real-Time Analytics with Apache Kafka ? 
Kafka provides high throughput and scalable messaging systems. Developed on Linkedin, it can be used effectively in place of traditional messaging system like JMS, Apache MQ etc. Because Kafka can be integrated into systems like Spark, Storm, Hadoop etc, it is a highly recommended messaging system for solving big data problems involved in messaging system. Features of Kafka Cluster like scalability, Fault tolerance, High throughput, Durability etc. makes it a leader in today's market in messaging systems. Due to extensive use of Kafka in market today, there is a steep increase in job opportunities.

1. Introduction to Big Data and Apache Kafka
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Big Data, Kafka and Kafka Architecture.
Topics - Introduction to Big Data, Big Data Customer Scenarios, What is Kafka? Need for Kafka, Core Concepts of Kafka, Kafka Architecture, Where is Kafka Used?
2. Deep Dive into Kafka Cluster
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will be instructed about the details of Kafka Cluster and you learn all the components of Kafka Cluster in detail.
Topics - Understanding the components of Kafka Cluster, Installation of Kafka Cluster, Configuring Kafka Cluster, Producer of Kafka, Consumer of Kafka, Producer and Consumer in Action.
3. Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning.
Topics - Offset, Design, Hardware, Kafka Monitoring and Issues, Kafka Performance Tuning, Reading data from Kafka, Demo-Twitter Kafka Producer, Introduction to Scala, Mixed Paradigm-Functional Programming, Scala Installation & Configuration, Scala REPL, Scala Project Using Eclipse.
4. Integration of Kafka with Hadoop and Storm
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand how to integrate Kafka with Big Data frameworks like Hadoop and Storm.
Topics - Understanding the Hadoop Cluster, Integrating Kafka with Hadoop Cluster, Understanding Apache Storm, Implementing Spouts and Bolts, Kafka with Storm Spout.
5. Kafka with Spark and Project
Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand Spark Ecosystem, Configuring Spark Cluster, Integrating Kafka with Spark and Twitter, Use cases with Kafka, Storm and Hadoop.
Topics - Ecosystem of Spark, Understanding the Spark Cluster, Integrating Kafka with Spark. Project : Twitter Streaming with Kafka, Storm and Hadoop
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