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Are you planning to start your career in the field of Automation?Are you QA Engineer and looking to explore the mobile automation world?Do you want to master Appium(Selenium 3.0) for Android & IOS Platforms Then this is the ideal course for you!!!In this Appium training course, attendees will learn from scratch assuming that you have no experience with automation. Learn Why Appium over other open source mobile automation tools Understanding Appium Architecture Setting up Pre-requisites and Installing Appium on Windows & Mac OS X Working with Built-In Apps on Android Platform(Phone,Clock...) Working with Native Apps on Android & IOS Platforms Working with Mobile Web Browser on Android & IOS Platforms Performing various mobile gestures(Long Press, Multi Touch, Drag & Drop, Swipe) Working with various mobile controls on IOS(Sliders,Switches, PickerWheel....) Identifying mobile elements using Appium Inspector, UIAutomatorViewer Locating elements using- XPath, CSS,Class, Name, Screen Coordinates(x,y),IOSUIAutomation,AndroidUIAutomator Creating Page Factory Model framework for Mobile Apps Creating provisioning profile to test development app on real IOS device Integrating Appium with SauceLabs for distributing tests on the cloud Integrating Appium with Continuous Integration tool- Jenkins Dynamic parametrization of Desired Capabilities through Maven & Jenkins Launch Appium programmatically on Windows & mac Record Video and Capture Screenshots for test runs on iOS & Android If you still haven't made up your mind attending this course, Check out the free previews to understand more what this course has to offerAfter completing these course you can start writing automation scripts and building mobile frameworks across IOS & Android platforms for Web, Native, Hybrid Apps Implement Page Factory Approach Framework for Mobile Native Apps by the end of the course

  What Will I Learn?
 Automate Mobile Apps(Native,Hybrid,Web) on IOS & Android Platforms Implement Framework from scratch for Mobile Apps Learn all the features of Appium Test Automation Tool View Curriculum

 Nothing, All the pre-requisites are covered in the course Have access to both Windows & Mac Machine for working with Android & IOS Platform Have access to Real Android & IOS device for testing the code on real devices

Who is the target audience?
This Appium course is for QA Engineers or newbies to the field of automation with no prior automation experince This course is for anyone to explore all features of Appium Mobile Automation Tool

  Course Outline:1.Appium Introduction
  Introduction to the course
Overview of Open Source Mobile Test Automation Tools
Open Source Mobile Automation Tools Evaluation Doc
Why Appium?
Limitations of Appium
How Appium works?

  2. Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Windows
  Appium Prerequisites
Java Installation & Configuring System Environment Variables
Maven Configuration
Android SDK Configuration
Eclipse IDE Configuration
Appium Installation on Windows

  3. Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Mac
  Appium Prerequisites
Java Installation & Configuring System Environment Variables
Maven Configuration
Android SDK Configuration
XCode Configuration
Eclipse IDE Configuration
Appium Installation on Mac
Install Appium from command line using npm

  4.Basics of Android
  Share & Control Real Android Device Screen from PC
Download Android Platforms using SDK Manager
Create Virtual Devices/Emulators using AVD Manager
Different ways to install APK file on Android Device

  5.Running Your First Test on Android
  Setting up the Test Project
Appium API Reference
What are DesiredCapabilities
Knowing AppPackage and Launcher Activity of Android App
Running first test on real device
Running first test on emulator
Running first test code

  6.Automating Facebook(Native App)- Using UiSelector Class
  Setting up the Test Environment-Maven & JUnit
Automating Facebook- Login & Contacts Sync
Automating Facebook- Post Status
Automating Facebook- Delete Post & User Logout
Facebook Automation Project Code

  7.Mobile Touch Gestures- DragDrop, MultiTouch, Swipe,Scroll
  Performing Drag and Drop using Touch Action class
Performing Click and Swipe using TouchAction class
Performing MultiTouch using MultiTouchAction class
Performing Swipe using screen coordinates(x,y)
Performing long press using Touch Action class
Mobile Gestures Project Code

  8.Android Mobile Browser-Automating Mobile Web Application
  Introduction to Mobile Web Automation
How to get Useragent from Android Browser
Identifying the objects on mobile browser(
Mobile Web Automation Project Code
9.Android-Automating Built In Apps(Phone,Contacts,Settings)
Android Built In App(Phone): Dial Phone Number-Part 1
Android Built In App(Phone): Dial Phone Number-Part 2
Dial Phone Number Project Code
Android Built In App(Clock): Setup Recurring Alarm
Setup Recurring Alarm Project Code

  10. Appium-Testing on Real IOS Devices
  Emulator Vs Simulator
Share IOS Device Screen on Mac through Reflector
Provisioning Development Build on Real IOS Device
Using Appium Inspector to identify the element properties
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