ASP.NET Web API Essentials Using C#

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Introduction to ASP.NET Web API
Representational State Transfer
REST and Web API
HTTP Services Using Web API
Using Fiddler
Web API vs. WCF
Web API and HTTP
HTTP Response Codes
Implementing POST
Implementing PUT
Implementing DELETE
Media Formatters and Content Negotiation
Internet Media Types
Media Formatters
JSON and XML Formatters
Content Negotiation
Accept and Content-Type Headers
Using the Query String
Custom Request Headers
BSON Serialization
JavaScript Clients
Document Object Model
Sending AJAX Requests
Implementing a Client
Binding, Validation and Routing
Reading Raw HTTP Requests
Route Data, Query String and Request Body
Binding to Simple Types
Binding to Complex Types
Validation Using Data Annotations
Routing in ASP.NET Web API
Using Default Routes
NET Clients
Web API Client Libraries
Issuing GET Requests
Issuing POST Requests
Other Requests
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