C Programming and Data Structures

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Course Objectives
After the completion of the Analytical Skills Course at Iteanz, you should be able to understand:
1. Data Types and operators
2. Prepocessors, compilers and linkers
3. Variables and Qualifiers
4. Various types of loops such as While loop, For loop, Do While loop
5. Various Functions in C, arrays and Strings in C
6. Structures and Pointers in C

Who should go for this course? 
All those students and professionals who are keen to learn C and want to enter the world of programming should go for this course.

There are no prerequisites for this course, except that anyone who wants to learn C should have an analytical blend of mind and logic reasoning.

Why Learn C Programming and Data Structures Training? 
Most companies test your knowledge of C and Data Structures in their recruitment process. Whether you aim for a career in IT industry or want to become an embedded software developer it is important to master C and Data Structures.
Whether you want to develop your own iPhone or iPad apps, create unique web applications, or create games, C Programming is the place to begin. Many of the concepts of high level languages today have been borrowed from the C programming language and hence learning C helps you easily grasp any other language.

1. Getting Started
Learning Objectives - After this module you will have a basic understanding of C programming language. You will also learn how to write a simple C program.
Topics - Basics of Computers, Memory Organization, Your First C Program, Preprocessor, Compiler, Linker, Data Types & Operators, Variables & Qualifiers.
2. Diving In
Learning Objectives - After this module, you will know how to implement Logics in C program, using if-else construct, Loops and Data Structures.
Topics - Control Flow, if else, Switch Case, Loops - While, For, Do While, Functions in C, Recursion, Arrays, Strings in C.

3. Deeper Dive
Learning Objectives - After this module you will understand concepts like Pointers and Advance Data Structures like Multi - Dimensional Array. You will also understand how to implement Linked List.
Topics - Pointers in C, Pointer Arithmetic, Multi-dimensional Arrays, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Structures, Linked Lists.

4. Advanced Topics
Learning Objectives - After this module you will understand the concept of functions and implement these in your C program. You will also get an insight of searching and sorting algorithms.
Topics - Unions, Searching and Sorting, File Operations, String Functions, Test Your Knowledge, Showcase Your Skills.

This course does not have any sections.

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