Chef Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is Chef?

Ans: First let us compare Chef with Puppet:

API integrationExtended APINo extended API
FriendlinessProgram friendlySystem friendly
Configuring the serverEasyDifficult
Supported platformsLimitedWide-ranging
Chef Architecture Components

Chef is a powerful configuration management tool and automation tool. It converts the infrastructure of the company into a structured format of code. Thanks to Chef you can develop scripts that can be used for automating the IT and business process.

2. What are the important components in Chef?

Ans:The architecture of Chef can be broken down into the Chef Server, Chef Workstation and Chef Node.

  • Chef Server – You can think of the Chef Server as the central store for that accumulates all the data that is necessary for configuring the nodes.
  • Chef Node – The Chef Node can be thought of as a client responsible for sharing data across network and it is based on the chef-client architecture.
  • Chef Workstation – The Chef Workstation can be thought of as the host for modifying the configuration data and cookbooks which is then forwarded to the Chef Server.