Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid them

After leaving many candidates behind, you have finally secured a job interview, now what? Now you need to prepare well, go through the most popular interview questions such that you impress the interviewer and secure a job too. By understanding and paying attention to the following interview mistakes, you can avoid making them in your next job interview.

1. Reaching Late

First impression is the last impression! Whosoever quoted this, was certainly wise. There is no excuse to getting late and you will definitely make you interviewer pissed off if you reach at your own sweet time. The day before your interview, find out how far the company is from your place and how much time it takes to reach there. Plan your time accordingly and reach on time. If in case you get stuck somewhere and have to get late, inform your interviewer so that they don’t have to keep waiting for you.

2. Sloppy Appearance

Imagine attending an interview in your pajamas and t-shirts, wearing casual slippers, can’t even imagine, right! Wearing casual and sloppy attire would cost you the job. Wear nice and crisp formals, take care of your personal hygiene, smell good (not overpowering), and look smart.

3. Not Going Through Your Resume

We understand that your resume was liked by the employers that is why you were able to secure this interview, but you would need to keep all the important pointers of your resume in your mind. What if the employer asks you something from your resume and you are left clueless, weird right?

4. Not Researching the Employer

It will leave a bad taste in the interviewer’s mouth if they get to know that you don’t know anything about the company where you have reached for the interview. They expect you to know about the company, ask questions about how your skills can help them, and how you can have a good growth in the job. Read the job description carefully so that you get to know what the interviewer is exactly looking for, and frame the answers accordingly.

5. Using Mobile

If you want to be considered idiotic and unprofessional then only use your mobile phone while in the interview. Also, you are expected to keep your phone on silent mode, so that it doesn’t distract anyone present in the room. Avoid checking the phone every now and then

6. Talking Too Much

If you talk too much and that too senselessly, no one will take your seriously. The interviewer doesn’t want to know your life history, so keep your answers succinct. In addition, don’t try to talk about your personal life unless asked.

7. Badmouthing Current & Previous Employers

It’s a small world, somewhere in the professional world, people know each other. You want to leave a good impression on the employer, so never talk bad about your employer. They might ask you –

“What was the time when you didn’t feel like working for the place you are currently working for?”

“How did you manage with a tough boss?”

“Did you have any altercation with your employer?”

You need to plan your reply in a diplomatic and professional way.

8. Bringing Up Salary Talks Too Soon

Everyone works for a salary, but it is considered rude and silly if the candidate takes up the salary talks on his/her own. Wait for the interviewer to discuss the salary. If you start this conversation, you will be in a weaker position to negotiate. Besides, talking about salaries early will make the interviewer feel that you are only interested in money, and not the job.

9. Having a Very Casual Approach

Be serious at your interview, keep a professional approach towards the job and never complain about anything. Don’t be too friendly with the interviewer. Joking around without any reason is unlikely to help you get the job.

10. Looking Out Of Focus

Look, avoid drinking the previous night of the interview. You don’t want to look dozed off and leave an everlasting bad impression.

Making mistakes is human and everyone does that. It’s always good to learn from your mistakes. If you think that you might have made some silly mistakes during the interview, even then don’t lose heart and keep your inspirations high!


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