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Our Couchbase training course provides hands-on experience to master the multi-model NoSQL file-oriented database. We provide the best online classes to help you learn Couchbase distributed architecture, Couchbase Server, searching, querying, indexing data, Couchbase flexible data model. Work on real life industry projects.
About Couchbase 
This training in Couchbase lets you master one of the most powerful NoSQL databases. Couchbase is a multi-model NoSQL file oriented database software package that is deployed in critical enterprise deployment. You will get hands-on experience in working with Couchbase Server that can store credentials and key-values.
What you will learn in this Couchbase training?
Introduction to Couchbase NoSQL database Understanding the Couchbase Server NoSQL document database with a distributed architecture Learning about the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON Deploying Couchbase Server for querying, indexing, searching Learning about Vbucket for logical data partitioning Managing concurrent users for creating, storing and retrieving data
Who should take this training course?
Software developers, architects and administrators Database and Analytics professionals, System administrators
What are the prerequisites for taking this training course?
Anybody can take this training course regardless of their prior skills.
Why should you take this Couchbase training?
With the increasing amount of NoSQL data all around there is a need for a powerful NoSQL database and this where the Couchbase database fits in. it is a Membase, distributed multi-mode NoSQL file. It has utmost flexible data model, easy scalability and consistent high performance, and always-on capability. This Intellipaat training in Couchbase will help you master this powerful NoSQL database for getting some of the top-paying jobs in the Big Data and NoSQL world.
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