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About The Course Adobe Experience Manager: Developer training course teaches developers the fundamentals of building a custom AEM application, based on templates and components. This includes practice with AEM development techniques such as developing templates and authoring environments for mobile sites and websites, dynamic image rendering, navigation and modularization. In-depth lecture presentations and discussions introduce concepts essential to AEM while comprehensive hands-on exercises, using reinforce concepts learned during lecture presentations.
Adobe CQ5 (AEM)
ProductandPlatform Architecture
Consoles and Administrative Interfaces
Using theCRXDELite embedded development environment
Creating and using templates and page-rendering components
Creating pages
Installing and using CRXDE
Rendering page-specific content
Inheritance and component hierarchy
Template and Content re-use concepts
Using APIs for dynamic navigation
ExtJs, Dialogs, and taking input from authors and Design dialogs
Customizable Components
Supporting Drag-and-Drop from Content Finder
Complex Components
Persistence Managers
Search Concepts
Mobile Components
Using jQuery with AEM
Internationalization of Author interface
Creatinga custom Widget
OSGi bundles
Work flow basics
Custom work flow process step
AEM Packages
Performance optimization concepts
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