Data Analysis In Python With Pandas

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Section 1: Introduction to the Course
What is this Course?
Installation Instructions
Setting up your Environment
Course Resources - All Files and Data
Section 2: IPython Notebooks and Raw Python Data Analysis
Tools of the Trade, The IPython Notebook
List Comprehensions
Lambda Functions
Section 3: The Basics of NumPy
NumPy Array Basics
Boolean Selection
Helpful Methods and Shortcuts
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Querying Slicing, Combining, and Splitting Arrays
Section 4: Pandas Basics
General pandas Concepts
Section 5: pandas Series
Overview of the pandas Series
Look Ups, Selections, and Indexing
Advanced Indexing Options
Handling NaN Values, Reindexing, Filling Methods and Series Addition
Series Multiplication, More Reindexing, and Mapping
Section 6: pandas DataFrame
Reading Files, Plotting, and Basic Methods
More Plotting, Joins, Basic DateTime Indexing, and Writing to Files
Adding and Reseting Columns, Mapping with Functions
More Mapping, Filling NaN values, Plotting, Correlations, and Histograms
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