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The Database Access in R course discusses concepts related to R programming, including dataframe manipulation, accessing common file formats, traditional Relational DataBases, and NOSQL stores like MongoDB and Cassandra. At the end of the program, participants will be equipped to leverage data from various sources that data scientists and analysts most commonly have to work with. As a result of the training, data science professionals will be able to manipulate, transform, and combine disparate data sets in order to extract useful insights. Further, as a part of the program, participants while working in a practical learning environment will be familiarized with various concepts and tools such as:

Data Frames and Data Files in R
Relational Databases
NOSQL Databases
R and MongoDB
R and Cassandra and DataFrames from Cassandra


Data Frames and Data Files in R (Day 1)

•   Reading and writing tab and CSV files
•   Excel Spreadsheets
•   MS Access Files
•   Working with DataFrames
•   DataFrame tools
•   Merging and Joining DataFrames

Relational Databases Overview

•   Database CLIs with R (DBI, R/ODBC, R/JDBC)
•   SQLite
•   dplyr


•   ODBC drivers and the CLI
•   SELECT statements
•   INSERT statements
•   DELETE statements
•   UPDATE statements
•   DDL statements
•   DB Transactions

Using dplyr (Day 2)

dplyr Features
•   Table verbs
•   Operations
•   Piping

NOSQL Databases

•   RDBMS (SQL-based)
•   Document Databases
•   Key-Value Databases
•   Columnar Databases

R and MongoDB

MongoDB Overview
•   MongoDB and R
•   Mongo Queries

R and Cassandra

•   Cassandra Overview
•   Accessing Cassandra

DataFrames from Cassandr

•   Overview of dataframes

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