Excel VBA

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Event-oriented programming
How to add Developer Tab into your Excel instance
Code Window, Properties Window, Project Explorer, Tool Bars
Variables And Constants
Objects -Properties and Methods
Data Types
Difference between variables and Objects
Option Explicit
Explicit variable declarations using the Option Explicit statement
Implicit variable declarations
Variables And Scoping
Scope Of Variables in Sheets, User Forms, Modules
VBA Functions
Built-in Functions
Sending Messages To The User, Lcase, Ucase, Len, Trim, Format etc
Conditional Branching
The If Statement, Using If For Single Conditions
Using If For Multiple Conditions, If Then Else End If, If Then Else ElseIfEnd If, The Select
Case Statement
User Defined Procedures And Functions
Creating and calling User-Defined Procedures and Functions
Modifying Procedures and Functions
Iterations (Loops)
Iterations -FOR Loops
While ...Do...Until... Loop Statements for looping With Known Or Specified number of iterations
Endless Loop for Unknown Iterations by using Exit Do statement
Error Handling
Error Handling and how it differs from Validation
Creating Error Handlers In Event Procedures
Technique to get user input by using The InputBox
Using The Resume statement, Resume Next statement
Using The Err Object to get more information about errors
User Defined Errors by using Raise method
Validation using Text Box Events
Validation on Save using Button
List Boxes
Adding List Boxes to A Form
Simple List Boxes and Multiple List Boxes
Check Boxes, Option Buttons, Frame
Adding Controls such as Text Boxes, Labels, Combo Box, Option Buttons, Check Boxes, Coding on various events
Adding Different Sets of Option Buttons to a Form without mismatch of options by using Frame Control
Important properties, methods and events of the above controls
Run Time, Design Time, and Break Mode
Debugging Techniques such as stepping into, stepping over, and stepping out Run
Run To Cursor
Set Next Statement
Quick Watch and Three types of watches
File System Objects
File System Objects (FSO/Microsoft Scripting Runtime Object) Exploring files and folders,interactionof excel file with withText files as well as excel files using FSO method
Multiple Forms, Form Events
Programming User Forms by Handling Form Events
Handling multiple forms
Workbooks Properties And Methods
Workbook Methods And Properties, Worksheet Methods And Properties
Range Object Properties And Methods
Using Range Objects
Range Methods And Properties
Manipulating worksheets and data in the worksheets within same workbook
Manipulating worksheets and data in the worksheets in different workbooks
User controls, Forms, Workbooks, Worksheets, Folders, Files
Simple Arrays, Dynamic Arrays
Formatting Cells, Formulas
FormattingCells, Colors, Font etc
Application Object
Screen updating, DislayAlerts, Dialog box
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