Functional Testing using Ranorex

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Course Objectives
After the completion of this course at Iteanz, you will be able to:
1. Set up testing environment with devices
2. Record and execute simple test cases
3. Create and manage test suites
4. Write code for complex test scenarios
5. Automate Data Driven testing
6. Analyze recorded data and perform Spying
7. Understand XPaths
8. Perform Instrumentation of Android apps and source code
9. Perform Image based testing and Repository usage
10. Read reports

Who should go for this course? 
The following professionals can go for this course:
1. Testing professionals
2. Project managers
3. Mobile Testers

What are the Prerequisites for this course? 
Participants intending to pursue this course should be Professional Manual Testers who have prior experience working with Android devices.

Project work
Name: Create and Validate Data for Password Management
Industry: Information Management Systems
Data Set: The data set consists of the following fields:
Group Name: Name of the group to be mentioned
Name: Name of the entry
User Name: Name of the user
Password: Password to be saved
Confirm Password: Same password to be given
Comments: Any comments that needs to be given

Problem Statement: 
1. Create a group with 5 sub- levels of groups. Provide 6 different icons to each group.
2. Come back to the home screen again and validate that the data has been created properly. Validate that the icons are not matching with each other.
3. Create 10 entries to each group created earlier. Provide 6 different icons to each entry. Note: These icons should be different from the groups icons.
4. Come back to the home screen again and validate that the entry data has been created properly. Note: Validate that the icons are not matching with each other and with the group icons as well.
5. Go to Home screen and delete all the groups and entries created so far. Validate that no data exist in the app now.

Why learn Ranorex Test Automation?
Ranorex is among the top 5 Automation testing tools for mobiles. The demand for Ranorex certified personnel is rising in the recruitment market as Ranorex covers desktop and mobile apps. Ranorex has been created in a systematic approach which will benefit the participants as they need not spend hours to understand the underlying concepts. The wrapper itself provides an easy access to almost everything needed to create test scenarios.

1. Ranorex layout, Creation and Management of Suites
Learning Objectives - You will get comfortable with the Ranorex tool and its layout. You will be able to create suites and manage test suites. You will also learn to manage devices, record and run basic test.
Topics - Ranorex Layout: Project view and File view, Ranorex Layout: Module Browser, Creating Test suite, Managing Android Devices, Record and Run a basic Android test, Read test report, Test Suite and Test Case Settings, Run Configurations, Running a test suite, Incorporating data in test suites.

2. Data Driven Testing, Ranorex XPath and Ranorex Spy
Learning Objectives - In this module the participants will learn about automated data driven testing. You will also understand the foundation of Ranorex automation testing.
Topics - Using variables within recordings and repository, Combining variables with test data, Creating test data, Invoking actions and executing Data driven tests, Ranorex Spy, XPath syntax, Ranorex XPath, Ranorex XPath with regular expression, Regular Expression Tool Kit.

3. UI Adapter, Ranorex settings, Image based Automation and Ranorex recorder
Learning Objectives - In this module, participants will be able to learn Image search, UI adapters and their categories along with the recording ability of the tool.
Topics - Recorder and repository settings, General and Advanced settings, Image and Plug-in settings, Multiple adapters for one GUI, Recording, Replay and Debug, User code options and editing, Recording with images, Hot key functionality and Image Editor.

4. Code Modules and UI mapping with repository
Learning Objectives - In this module, users will learn about the repositories. It includes adding, editing and using existing repositories to avoid re-work.
Topics - Adding repository items into existing repository, Understanding repository time outs, Repository settings, Repository item properties and separation, Creating code modules and using with Repositories, Using variables and screenshots with code modules, Test cases and code modules.

5. Ranorex Reporting and Ranorex Spy Advanced
Learning Objectives - In this module, participant will learn in detail about reports and Spy to find out the objects and the related objects.
Topics - Reading Ranorex reports, Understanding levels in reports and logging information, Custom report template, Capture screenshots for image search, Tracking UI elements, Ranorex snapshot files, XPath in advance and XPath weight rules, Add and share Ranorex XPath weight rules.

6. Instrumentation of Android source code, Mobile download Archive, versioning and testing on Mobile Websites
Learning Objectives - In this module, participants will learn about Instrumentation, archiving and mobile website testing.
Topics- Instrumentation using APK file, Instrumentation using source code, testing mobile website using RxBrowser app, Download Android Archive, Versioning.
This course does not have any sections.

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