gst implementation in sap

SAP GST Implementation – Partner with Iteanz

Goods and Services Tax and your Business

The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) will usher in a new era of tax reforms in India. GST, applicable on both goods and services, will replace the existing consumption-based indirect taxes. The game changer tax reform will impact various aspects of the business, like, pricing, supply chain optimization, IT, accounting, and tax compliance systems. GST transition is challenging, however, technology can make it painless, let’s come together and get ready to adapt to the new tax regime.
SAP, the leader in enterprise applications, has always striven towards understanding its customers global and local business needs and is looking in detail at the GST impact on business processes. SAP is expected to be ready with a GST patch, which can be deployed in the existing systems to facilitate transition of organizations to GST.

Is Your SAP Ready for GST?

Iteanz is committed to smooth transformation of our customer’s business software to the GST regime and have put together a team financial experts and technical consultants, who have assessed the impacts of GST on different business scenarios and have created a robust transition roadmap.

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