Human Resource Planning Management (HRP)

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  • This interactive program is designed to select participant's development as personnel and Human Resources practitioner and utilize the key skills and knowledge required to give effective support and guidance to their organizations.
  • The course is also designed to provide the core skills in personnel and development together with the basic understanding which with also improve and develop with experience how to recruit, select, motivate and induct new personnel into the organization.
  • It also discusses how to utilize the available tools to be effective and contribute to the organizations personnel goals and objectives. The emphasis will be on the practical techniques and it includes exercises and role play.
  • Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to do the following:
  • Discuss the relationship between job requirements and the performance of HRM functions.
  • Explain the various sections of job descriptions and list the various factors that must be taken into account in designing a job.
  • Discuss basic approaches to human resources planning.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting from within the organization and of external recruitment
  • Explain employer concerns in developing a strategic compensation program.
  • Discuss the recent trends in retirement policies and programs and describe the major factors involved in the management of pension plans.
  • Discuss the basic requirements for successful implementation of incentive programs and the reasons for implementing incentive plans.
  • Discuss the need for training and development and describe training programs that are currently popular.
  • Explain how a career development program integrates individual and organizational needs.
  • Discuss the conditions that help to make a career development program successful.
  • Newly appointed Senior Staff in HR & CT who are carrying out HR duties or embarking on a career in HR or CDT.
Human resource management: overview
What is HRM?
Why is it important?
The trend shaping HRM
1.Globalization and competition trends
2.Indebtedness and deregulation
3.Technological trends
4.Trends in the nature of work
6.Workforce and demographic trends
7.Economic challenges and trends
The new human resource managers
Strategic human resource management
The basic of job analysis (job description & job specification)
Methods for collecting job analysis information
Diary / logs
Job analysis in a worker – empowered world
Personal recruitment
The recruitment and selection process
The need for effective recruiting
The selection tools
Background information
Interviewing candidates
What errors can undermine an interview usefulness?
How to design and conduct an effective interview?
Guidelines for interviewees
Training and developing employees
Introduction to orienting and training employees
Analyzing training needs designing the program
Implementing training programs
Managing the new workforce“diversity training”
Managing organizational change programs
What to change
Lewius change process
Leading organizational change
Using organizational development
Evaluating the training effort
Performance management and appraisal
Basic concepts in pm
Techniques for appraisal performance
Potential appraisals problems
Five guidelines for how to hold effective appraisal
Who should do the appraising?
The appraisal interview (types)
Performance management (concepts , versus PA , WHY )
This course does not have any sections.

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