IBM API Connect: Workflow and lifecycle management

IBM API Connect: Workflow and lifecycle management

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IBM® API Connect can help your organization streamline and accelerate its journey into the API economy. API Connect is a comprehensive management solution that addresses all main aspects of the API lifecycle. With IBM API Connect, you can:
  • Create and run APIs
  • Secure and manage APIs
  • Socialize, analyze, and monetize APIs
API Connect helps you control the entire API lifecycle. For example, after you create and publish an API, other developers can subscribe to that API, which is called a product, and get notified when the API changes or when it’s being deprecated, retired, deleted, or archived. You can also analyze how your APIs are being used and managed. For example, you can filter, sort, and aggregate your API event data, and then present the results in charts, tables, and maps to help you manage service levels, set quotas, establish controls, set up security policies, manage communities, and analyze trends. In this course, you’ll learn how to manage the API lifecycle from creation to deletion.
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Lab 1: Configure spaces and roles

Lab 2: Configure roles and permissions

Lab 3: Create Developer Portal rules

Create a Developer Portal rule
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Log in to Bluemix. Click the name of the catalog to use, such as MyProd. 3. Click Settings. 4. From the left navigation, click Portal. 5. Select IBM Developer Portal (if not already selected) and open the portal URL. Important: The Portal might require about an hour to build. You might want to take a break and come back to this part of the lab later. 6. Click Admin Login in the upper right corner of the window. 7. Enter your credentials and click Log in. 8. Click Configuration > Workflow > Rules. 9. Click Add new rule. 10. In the Name field, enter notify-supercede. From the React on event drop-down list, select After superseding an existing product. Click Save. 11. Scroll down to the Actions section. 12. Click Add action. 13. In the Select the action to add list, select Email API subscription members. Click Continue. 14. Click Switch to data selection. 15. Click Data selectors. 16. Click Data selectors to collapse the display. 17. In the Subject Value field, enter this text: Product [product-name.value] has been superceded. Copy this text to your clipboard. 18. In the Message Value text box, enter this text: Product [product-name.value] has been superceded. The new API URL has changed. Please visit the Developer Portal at [site:url] to see the new API details and migrate your subscription. Thank you. 19. Scroll down and click Save. 20. Click Rules in the breadcrumb link trail. 21. Click the X icon to close the pane. 22. Log out of the Portal.  

Lab 4: Publish products in spaces

Lab 5: Configure drafts and approvals

Lab 6: Supersede products

Lab 7: Retire, delete, and archive products

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