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Introduction to Internet of Things
Learning Objective:To learn the basics of IoT. Understand IoT architecture and IoT decision framework.
What is IoT, how does it work
Difference between Embedded device and IoT device
Properties of IoT device
IoT Ecosystem
IoT Decision Framework
IoT Solution Architecture Models
How IoT is Transforming Businesses
Major IoT Boards in Market
Explore Raspberry Pi
Setting up Raspberry Pi and Sensors (Sense HAT Board)
Learning Objective:To Configure Raspberry Pi and Program Sense HAT.
Setting up Raspberry Pi
Showing working of Raspberry Pi using SSH Client and Team Viewer
Understand Sensing actions
Understand Actuators and MEMS
Hands On/Demo:
Programming Sense HAT Board
Creating Solutions with Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT Board
Learning Objective:To gain Hands-on experience by creating IoT Solutions using Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT.
Build weather station using Sense HAT and Python
Prepare google spreadsheet for weather data collection
Understand OpenCV
Hands On/Demo:
Hands On/Demo:
Build a weather station using Sense HAT and store data in google sheets
Use OpenCV for face detection, face recognition with webcam
IoT Communication Protocols
Learning Objective:To understand various IoT Networking Protocols which can be used to develop IoT solutions.
Types of wireless communication
Major wireless Short-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Bluetooth, WIFI, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN)
Major wireless Long-range communication devices, properties, comparison of these devices (Cellular IoT, LPWAN)
Hands On/Demo:
Hands On/Demo:
Using RFID networking
Using other networks such as WiFi and Bluetooth
IoT with Microsoft Azure
Learning Objective:To enable IOT with Microsoft Azure.
What is Cloud and its Infrastructure
How IoT and Cloud deployment can create an effective IoT Solution
Azure IoT Hub components
Hands On/Demo:
Create Free Tier Azure Account. Explore Azure IoT hub services and other useful features
Azure IoT Hub Service API Demo
Implementing IoT with Azure
Learning Objective:To create an IoT solution using Sensors and Raspberry Pi with Azure.
Register your Raspberry Pi on Azure IoT Hub
Send and Receive messages from Raspberry Pi over Azure IoT Hub
Create Storage account and dock a container
View Data On-premise with Azure Storage Explorer
Configure Web App settings for Data Visualization
Hands On/Demo:
Create an End-to-End IoT solution using Python Device APIs
Remote Monitoring
Learning Objective:To understand Remote Monitoring and create your own IoT solution for monitoring.
Plan how to customize a solution to meet specific requirements
Create a service bus namespace and add a queue to it
Add an endpoint and a routing rule to your IoT hub
Create, configure, and test a logic app
Hands On/Demo:
Design your own IoT monitoring solutions with Azure services
Edge Computing and Analytics
Learning Objective:You will understand Data Analytics and its Types, Edge Computing, IoT Edge and Deploy Edge devices and integrate with Azure IoT Edge
Data Analytics
Edge Computing
Azure IoT Edge
Azure IoT Edge Components
Azure IoT Edge Architecture
Real-Time Analytics
Hands On/Demo:
Deployment of Raspberry Pi as an Edge Device on Azure IoT Edge
In-Class Project: Raspberry Pi as a BLE Device Presence Detector
Business challenge/requirement: For this project, we need to control multiple home appliances based on presence or absence of a family member. The family member will be carrying his mobile handset always with him. His mobile handset will act as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device. In this project, Raspberry Pi will be used as BLE device detector.
Below are the challenges addressed in this project:
Control GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi
Scan all the active nearby BLE Devices using Raspberry Pi
The time interval for periodic scanning of all BLE devices.
The time interval to act on presence/absence to avoid frequent on/off due to temporary
Erroneous presence/absence of device.
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