1. Add a Monitoring and Analytics service to your application

If your application does not already have the Monitoring and Analytics service, complete the following steps to add it.

  1. In the Bluemix Dashboard, select the space with the application that you want to monitor and click Catalog.
  2. In the search field, enter Monitoring and. Then, click Monitoring and Analytics.
  3. Select your application in the Connect to: field and then click Create.
  4. On the Restage Application dialog, click Restage.

    While the application is restaging, you will be taken to the application’s Connections page that shows all of the currently bound services, including the new Monitoring and Analytics service.

  5. Wait until the application is restaged by observing the application status.
  6. Click Visit App URL to open the application
  7. If you are monitoring an application created by using the Java Cloudant Web Starter boilerplate, add content to Favorites Organizerwhere you can add and upload files to be stored in a Cloudant database. Use the interface to add some content of any type and size to the Sample Category or add your own content.
  8. If you are monitoring a different application, spend 10-15 minutes in the user interface for the application to generate traffic that will be logged by the Monitoring and Analytics service before you proceed.