1. Configure an app to use Natural Language Understanding

  1. From a command prompt, clone the following repository from GitHub:
    git clone https://github.com/watson-developer-cloud/natural-language-understanding-nodejs.git
  2. Change to the directory of your natural-language-understanding-nodejs folder.
  3. In your browser, log in to Bluemix.
  4. Go to the Catalog dashboard, and search for “natural language.”

  5. Click Natural Language Understanding.
  6. Provide a unique Service name and Credential name, and click Create.

  7. Click Service credentials to get the username and password the for Natural Language Understanding Service.

  8. Copy the username and password in a text pad.
  9. Open the manifest.yml in the natural-language-understanding-nodejs folder, and update the application name, services, and declared-services.

  10. Copy .env.example to .env, and update the username and password copied in step 8.