1. Create a local repository

Locally initialize your code repository and clone from a remote repository.

  1. Log in to Bluemix.
  2. Navigate to the toolchain that you created in the previous lab.
  3. On the Overview page, click the Git icon to open your GitLab project for the application.

  4. Change the protocol to SSH, and copy the URL to notepad or a text editor. You will need this URL to clone the repository later.Note: You might need to set up the SSH key for the repository.
  5. From the command prompt, change to your working directory and initialize the repository:
    # cd cdc2-lab2
    # git init
  6. Clone the remote Git repository using the git clone command and the URL that you previously copied:
    # git clone <remote git URL>You now have the source code locally available to edit and test.

Now that you’ve cloned a remote repository onto your local one, next, you’ll make some changes and push those changes to the remote repository.