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1. Create an app and an Object Storage instance in Bluemix

In this section, you create an application and an instance of the Object Storage service in IBM Bluemix.

  1. Log in to Bluemix.
  2. Click Catalog. Then, click Cloud Foundry Apps under the Apps category.
  3. Click SDK for Node.js.
  4. Give your app a unique name by using alphanumeric characters and click Create.
  5. Click Connections on the left navigation.
  6. Click Connect New.
  7. Enter Object Storage in the search bar and click the service.
  8. Click Create to create a new instance of Object Storage.You might see a confirmation message and then you will be redirected to the Bluemix dashboard.
  9. From the dashboard, go to the Services section and select your Object Storage instance.
  10. Click the Select Action menu and select Create Container.
  11. Provide any name for the container and click Save. You will see the new container listed.
    Tip: These are storage containers and not to be confused with Docker containers or the IBM Bluemix Container service runtimes.
  12. Click the Connections tab for the Object Storage service and then click Create Connection.
  13. Select the application that you created from the list.
  14. Confirm the binding of the service to the app by clicking Connect.
  15. Click Restage to restage the application with the credentials added from the Object Storage service.