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1. Install prerequisite software

For debugging Java applications in IBM Bluemix, you need to install a copy of the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, and you need to run Eclipse by using the Oracle JDK 1.8 at a minimum level of u74, later versions are also supported. If you are installing on Microsoft Windows, avoid a space in the path name for both the JDK and Eclipse directories instead of using the default path. For example, install the JDK in c:\java\jdk1.8.0_74 and Eclipse in c:\java\eclipse.

  1. Install the Oracle JDK SE 1.8.0 u74 or later (if not already installed). Then, unpack the JDK installer and complete the installation. Download the JDK from:
  2. If you already have Eclipse Luna (4.4.1), Mars (4.5) or Neon (4.6) installed, skip to step 3. This lab presumes you have an basic understanding of using Eclipse. To install eclipse Neon, go to https://eclipse.org and select the Download button. Select Eclipse Neon installer and when prompted by the installer, choose to install the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers.
  3. Install IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix by using Eclipse Marketplace:
    1. Start Eclipse on your workstation
    2. Click Help > Eclipse Marketplace. Search for Bluemix.
    3. Select the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix entry and click Install.
    4. Click Confirm to accept the default selections.
    5. Accept the license agreement and click Finish.