2. Add a Load Impact service to your application

  1. In the Bluemix dashboard, click Catalog. Navigate to the DevOps section and select the Load Impact service.

    This service instance can be used across multiple applications. Unlike other services, it is not bound to a specific application.

  2. Accept the default values and click Create to create the service and add to your space.
  3. After the service is added to your space, use the Bluemix dashboard to find and click the Load Impact service.
  4. Click Open Load Impact Dashboard.

    You should see a dashboard where you can configure a simple load test without needing to register for a Load Impact user account.

  5. Optional: Create an account for the Load Impact service if you want to use more features of Load Impact. This account is not needed for this lab.
  6. Instead of entering the URL for your application, click Run a more realistic test, start here to go to the scenario page.