2. Configure a cloud directory identity source

There might be a brief delay as the service instance is created and added to your active Bluemix space. After it’s complete, you will see the service control panel.

  1. In the configuration window, click the Cloud Directory icon to open a panel to configure a directory in the cloud for this lab.
  2. Optional: In the highlighted text, enter a new name for the identity source. The panel displays the current list of users. It’s empty at first, so click the Add icon.
  3. Add some information for a test user. This can be any user information that you prefer. However, make a note of the user ID and password because those credentials will be used when you test the external authentication service.
  4. Click Save on the Add user dialog and then click Save to close the Cloud Directory configuration panel.

    This will return you to the Single Sign On service control panel showing the Cloud Directory identity source as enabled.

  5. Click the Cloud Directory identity source to re-open the configuration panel.After you re-open the identity source configuration panel, you’ll see a Settings icon in the upper right section of the panel.

  6. To manage the password policy that is applied to users in this identity source, click the Settings icon for the identity source.
  7. Select Medium for the password policy. The Password Policy option allows you to select various levels of password quality and lifetime. Currently, these policies are fixed, and you must select from one of the three. Next, click Save.
  8. Click Save in the identity source configuration panel to return to the main Single Sign On service control panel.
    The name shown for the identity source will be the name that you selected or the default name of cloud directory. The toggle (shown as Enabled) next to the name allows the service administrator to enable or disable a particular identity source for use by applications. Leave the toggle as Enabled.