2. Synchronize code with the remote repository

Learn how to synchronize your code changes with a remote repository by using Git commands.

  1. In your favorite editor, open this file:
    <your local repository>/views/index.html
  2. Change the text on line 15 to anything you want, and save the changes.
  3. Update the index with the content in the working tree:
    git add <files(s)>The index is a snapshot of the content that is staged for the next commit.
  4. After all the changes are done, use git commit to commit the index to the repository. The commit action requires a log message describing the changes to be recorded. Specify the log message by using -m argument:
    # git commit –m "<Log Message>"
  5. Synchronize the local repository with the remote one:
    # git pushThe changes are now visible in the remote repository.
  6. Open the GitLab project to verify.
  7. If you quickly go back to the toolchain Overview and then click the Delivery Pipeline, you might be able to see the pipeline in action.