2. View output on the Streams Console

The Streams Console is a data visualization and administrative tool for IBM Streams. It has various dashboards and cards showing information about the flow graphs of your programs. You can view output, as well as submit and cancel jobs, directly from the Streams Console.

In this step, you will learn to navigate the Streams Console and view the output of your application, as well as cancel a job.

  1. Access your Streams Console from IBM Bluemix:
    1. Log in to Bluemix.
    2. Click IBM Bluemix and on your list of services. Then, click your Streaming Analytics instance.
    3. From the Manage pane, make sure your service is running. If it is not, it will not have gone through while the service was stopped. Click Startand wait until it is running. Then, go back to the notebook and run your application again.
    4. Click Launch

    You should see the Application Dashboard of your Streams Console. Take note of the various cards that show your application.

    • The Summary card lists everything running in your Console at the moment
    • The Streams tree shows a hierarchy of your Streams instances, jobs, and their health
    • The Streams graph shows the data flow of your Streams programs

    This is all you need to know about the Streams Console right now, but feel free to explore! For a more detailed tour of the Streams Console, consider taking the Get Started with IBM Streams online course.

  2. View your application’s output:
    1. If the side toolbar is not visible, click the Streams logo at the top left corner of the page. Then, click Log Viewer.
    2. Expand the twisty next to your application’s job. It begins with something like ipythoninput...
    3. Click your application’s PE. The Processing Element, or PE, is an individual execution program that includes the operators and streams that you defined in your application.
    4. Click Console Log.
    5. Click Load console messages. If nothing appears, wait a few seconds and then click Reload.
      Now you see the output of your application. Notice that the same output is repeated several times. This is because you copied one sample of patient data over an infinite loop.
    6. To stop your jobs, click Cancel Jobs (looks like a stop button) at the top of the page from any view on the Console.
    7. Check the jobs that you would like to cancel, and click Cancel Jobs.

    At this point, you’ve learned to create, run, view, and cancel a simple Streams application in the Python language. Now that you created a basic application and can navigate and use the Streams Console, you’ll add some functionality in the next lab.