2. View runtime statistics about the application

Because you added the Monitoring and Analytics service in the previous section, you now can see how your application is behaving at runtime.

  1. Return to the Bluemix dashboard and overview of the application.
  2. Click the Monitoring and Analytics Service item in the Connections list or page.

    Four tabs are displayed:

    • Availability: Shows information about the availability of the application.
    • Performance and Monitoring: Shows information about the performance of the application.
    • Log Analysis: Shows information about the application logs.
    • Events: A configurable set of critical events that can be displayed for the runtime.

    The following screenshot provides an example of the Availability view:

  3. Click the Performance Monitoring tab to see details on the performance of the application.
  4. Click the Advanced view button from the application catalog page to open a view of log data. This can be filtered by using various criteria.