3. Authenticate against your Object Storage service instance by using Postman

In this section, you’ll use the Postman Chrome application to authenticate against your Object Storage service instance.

  1. If it’s not already running, start Chrome.
  2. Click Apps and launch Postman.
  3. Select POST as the method and from the file where you saved the access credentials, copy the auth_url into the Enter request URL here field.
  4. Append a forward slash (/) to the URL that you just pasted. Then, append v3/auth/tokens to the URL making the full URL: auth_url/v3/auth/tokens
  5. Under Body, select raw and then set type to JSON(application/json) and enter the following code, replacing with your userIDprojectID and password:

    "auth": {
    "identity": {
    "methods": [
    "password": {
    "user": {
    "id": "your userID",
    "password": "your password"
    "scope": {
    "project": {
    "id": "your projectID"

  6. Click Send to send the request.
  7. Verify that the status indicates 201 Created and then click Headers.
  8. Save the value of X-Subject-Token from the returned header in your credentials file. Then, go back to the Body of the response and scroll down through the endpoints to find the one with type object-store and name swift. Copy the url for the entry matching the public interface and also save this to your credentials file.