3. Create a user scenario

A load impact user scenario defines what actions a simulated user will take during the load tests of your application. The Load Impact service can create auto-generated tests from a URL, but to achieve more realistic tests for your application, creating your own tests is important.

  1. Click the User Scenarios icon on the left side. Then, click New user scenario.
  2. Select the Scripting option. This lab includes a sample script as an appendix.
  3. Download the script from http://ibm.biz/CertPrepLoadTest and paste into the text box.
  4. Change the target in the WEBSITE_URL variable to match your Bluemix application. Click Save

  5. Click Validate to make sure that the script does not have errors. You might see some URL warnings, which are OK.
  6. Optional: Change the name of the user scenario by clicking the Pencil icon and updating the name. Click OK to confirm and Save to commit all changes to the scenario.

    The user scenario provided in this lab was created with a combination of output from the Load Impact Chrome recorder extension and some custom Lua scripting. For more information about generating your own tests for other applications, see the Load Impact documentation: