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3. Create intents

An intent represents the purpose of a user’s input. You can think of intents as the actions your users might want to perform with your application.

For this example, we’re going to keep things simple and define only two intents: one for saying hello, and one for saying goodbye.

If you’re not already there, go to the Conversation service and log in using your IBM Cloud (IBM Bluemix) email and password.

Step 1
Make sure you’re on the Intents tab.

Step 2
Click Create new.

Step 3
Name the intent hello.

Step 4
Type hello as a User example and press Enter.

Examples tell the Conversation service what kinds of user input you want to match to the intent. The more examples you provide, the more accurate the service can be at recognizing user intents.

Step 5
Add four more examples and click Done to finish creating the #hello intent:

    • good morning
    • greetings
    • hi
    • howdy

Step 6
Create another intent named #goodbye with these five examples:

    • bye
    • farewell
    • goodbye
    • I'm doneI'm done
    • see you later

You’ve created two intents, #hello and #goodbye, and provided example user input to train Watson to recognize these intents in your users’ input.