4. Change the cloud configuration for your SensorTag

You now need to change the cloud configuration for your SensorTag on your phone or tablet. These steps will be slightly different depending on your mobile device.


  1. Open the SensorTag application and select your SensorTag and select Cloud configuration.
  2. Apple: Select All.Android: Select Advanced.
  3. Apple: Select IBM IoTF Registered.Android: Select IBM IoTF Platform. 
  4. Apple: Enter a Device Type, Device ID, Organization ID, and Authentication token that correspond to the values that you used to register your device on the IoT platform.
    Android: Enter a Username, Password, Device ID, and Broker Address. The username is use-token-auth. The password is the secret token created in a previous section. The Device ID is the unique device name that you created earlier. In the Broker Address, replace quickstart with the Device ID.
  5. Set the Publish Rate to 200ms.Apple: Do this in the same window.Android: Scroll down the page until you find the movement data. Tap the graph and set it to 200ms.

    This is the frequency with which the sensor reports status. This value needs to be frequent enough so that both the start and end actions of your rotational movement are detected.

  6. Click Save.Your SensorTag is now sending status to the Watson IoT Platform where you have control over visibility.