5. View the load impact test results

As the load impact test runs, data that is collected from load testing your application is generated. In this task, you access and view some of this information.

  1. Scroll through the Load Test page for the test that you just started and open the Metrics section.
    As the load impact runs, it generates graphs for your test. The first graph shows the number of active clients over time and the user load time. You can see whether the load time slows with the increased user load.
  2. Review the data visualizations are shown below the main chart. Optionally, adjust this panel by adding or removing other metric graphs.

    The Load Impact service provides external insights on how your application is performing. You can also use services in Bluemix that are bound to your application to gather further insights, such as Monitoring and Analytics, and also to take corrective action under load with the Auto-scaling service.