6. Testing intent recognition

You built a simple dialog to recognize and respond to both hello and goodbye inputs. Let’s see how well it works.

If you’re not already there, go to the Conversation service and log in using your IBM Cloud (IBM Bluemix) email and password.

Step 1
Click the  Ask Watson icon in the upper right corner to open the “Try it out” pane. There’s that reassuring welcome message.

Step 2
At the bottom of the pane, type Hello and press Enter. The output indicates that the #hello intent was recognized, and the appropriate response (Good day to you.) appears.

Step 3
Try the following input:

    • bye
    • howdy
    • see ya
    • good morning
    • sayonara

Watson can recognize your intents even when your input doesn’t exactly match the examples you included. The dialog uses intents to identify the purpose of the user’s input regardless of the precise wording used, and then responds in the way you specify.

Result of building a dialog

You did it! You created a simple conversation with two intents and a dialog to recognize them.