9. Setup replication for a sample database

  1. From the Cloudant dashboard, click the Replication
  2. Complete the form on the right side of the screen to create a new replication job with the following specifications:
    • Replication SourceRemote database
      In this tutorial, you want to replicate a database from the Education account to your own personal account, so indicate that the source database is a remote database.
    • Database URLhttps://education.cloudant.com/foundbite
    • For the target database, click New Database > Create a new database locally, and then specify the database name as foundbite.
      Tip: The source and target databases can be within the same account, between two different accounts, or one remote and one local.
    • Replication typeOne time
      Replication can be one time or continuous.
    • Just like any document in any other Cloudant database, you can either use the auto-generated document ID, or provide your own. For this tutorial, type foundbite_replication.

  3. Click Replicate.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click Continue.You get the success message: Replication from sourceDb to targetDB has been scheduled.
  6. Click the Replication tab and look under Replicator DB Activity to verify that replication completed.

  7. Click the Databases tab, and verify that the foundbite database was created.

  8. Open one of the documents.