Add link nodes to more easily view the logic of the application flow

    1. Open the home page for the OK Watson Starter Kit.

    1. Click the link to the JSON flow.

    1. Click Raw to view all the JSON code.

    1. Select all of the code and copy it to the clipboard. The flow that you will import uses link nodes to make it easier to view the logic of the application flow.
    2. Open your Node-RED instance in the flow editor. To see how these link nodes work, click the Flow 1 tab.

    1. Provide a name for this tab, such as Hello World. Then, click Done.

    1. Drag and drop an inject node onto the canvas.

    1. Drag and drop two output link nodes onto the canvas.

    1. Drag and drop an input link node onto the canvas.

    1. Select and delete the link between the Hello World Inject node and the language translator node.

    1. Double-click the second inject node and name it something like Goodbye Inject. Set the Payload field to a suitable string, such as It's time for me to go now. Then, click Done.

    1. Wire the nodes together so that the Hello World Inject node, the language translator node, and the Goodbye Inject node are wired to separate link nodes.

    1. Double-click the link that is connected to the Hello World Inject node.

    1. Name the link out node to something like Hello String. Then, click Done.

    1. Repeat the previous step for the link node that’s connected from the Goodbye Inject node.

    1. Name the link node to something like Goodbye String. Then, click Done.

    1. Double-click the link node that’s wired to the language translator node.

    1. Name the link something like Translation Input and select the options (blue check boxes) to link to both output links. Then, click Done.

    1. To see what a link node is connected to, select that node. For example, select the input link node connected to the language translator node.

  1. Click Deploy to save your changes.
  2. Click the Debug tab. To flush the list, click the Trash icon.
  3. Click each inject node in turn.

    You should see the output in the Debug tab.

    You are now ready to import the OK Watson flow.