Add streams to your application graph

Output ports are shown as little yellow boxes on the right side of an operator. Input ports are on the left.

To create a stream, click an output port and start dragging. The cursor changes to a cross (+) as it drags a line from the output port. Release the mouse button as you drag, and then click the input port of another operator, which turns green when you hover over it, to complete the link. The two ports are now connected by a dashed line, which indicates that there is a stream, but its type is not yet defined.

  1. Add a stream connecting FileSource_2’s output to Filter_3’s input.
  2. Add another stream from Filter_3 to FileSink_1.
  3. Click Layout, then Fit to Content to organize the graph.
  4. Save your work (press Ctrl+S or the Save toolbar button, or click File > Save).
    Tip for hover popups: By default, hovering over an operator in the graphical editor invokes a popup that shows the SPL code behind that operator. As you build and lay out the graph, these popups might get in the way. Click the Toggle hover toolbar button to disable these popups.
  5. Check your results.

You now have the complete graph, but none of the details have been specified.

The main composite and the three operators that it contains now have error indicators. This is expected because the code so far contains only placeholders for the parameters and stream types, and those placeholders are not valid entries.