Bind Watson services

In this section, you’ll bind the following Watson services to your Node-RED instance: Language Translator and Conversation. In this lab, you’ll use only the Language Translator service. However, you add the other services in preparation for Lab 3.

If you already have instances of these Watson services, you can connect them to your Node-RED application.

    1. Click Connections.

2.Click Connect New.

3.Under Services, select Watson.

4.Click Language Translator. (Do not click Language Translation, which is a deprecated service.)

5.Make sure that it is connecting to your Node-RED instance. You should see the name of your application in the Connect to field.

6.If you want to be able to create custom translations, select the Advanced pricing plan. You will not need the Advanced plan for the labs in this course.

7.Click Create to create the Service. This action creates new credentials that allow you to use the service. By connecting to your Node-RED instance, these credentials are available for the application to use.

8.When you’re prompted to restage, click Cancel because you want to connect to one more service before you restage.

9.Click Connect New again and repeat the previous steps to add the Conversation service. Do not restage the application until you’ve connected all three services.

10.After you add all services, click Restage.

11.Wait for the application to restart. When your application has restarted, you will see the status reported as “Your app is running.”

12.Click View App to open your running Node-RED application to see the landing page of your Node-RED instance.

13.Click Go to your Node-RED flow editor to open the editor.