Bluemix Deployment models

IBM Bluemix offers a range of deployment models for you to build your applications:

  • Cloud Foundry application runtimes
  • Docker-based containers
  • Serverless computing with OpenWhisk
  • Virtual and bare metal servers

IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry applications

IBM Bluemix uses Cloud Foundry to give instant access to runtimes for applications. Cloud Foundry is an open source PaaS that offers developers the ability to quickly compose their apps without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Bluemix extends Cloud Foundry with a number of managed runtimes and services, enterprise-grade DevOps tooling, and a seamless overall developer experience.

IBM Bluemix Container Service

IBM Containers allow portability and consistency regardless of where they are run—be it on bare metal servers in Bluemix, your company’s data center, or on your laptop. Easily spin up images from a public registry or your own private registry hosted by IBM by using the native Docker CLI or orchestrate containers using Kubernetes.

IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk is a distributed, event-driven compute service also referred to as serverless computing or as function as a service (FaaS). OpenWhisk runs application logic in response to events or direct invocations from web or mobile apps over HTTP.

IBM Bluemix infrastructure virtual servers and bare metal servers

Bluemix infrastructure virtual servers and bare metal servers offer the most control over your applications and middleware. Bluemix virtual servers provide a choice of multi-tenant and single-tenant virtualized environments. Bluemix bare metal servers combine native hardware performance with cloud-managed convenience for the most demanding application workloads. Bluemix infrastructure services are available through IBM Cloud data centers located worldwide.