Build a video captioning application

>The HTML that you reused is from a video captioning application. In this section, you will import the full application.

    1. Open a web page to the video captioning starter-kit:


      1. Scroll down and click the link to the Translation JSON.


        1. Click Raw. Then, select all of the code and copy the JSON content to your clipboard. The JSON content describes the flow.


          1. In Node-RED, click Import > Clipboard.


            1. Paste in your flow and click Import.
              The starter kit has three flows. The first flow looks similar to your /tele application.

              The second flow sets the context.

              The third flow takes in a URL for the video stream, converts the video into an audio stream, splices the audio, and passes each splice in turn to the Watson Speech to Text service.

              The flow uses the old language translation service, but you have bound in the new translator service.


            1. Drag and drop an IBM_Watson language translator node onto the canvas.


              1. Replace the old translation node with the new language translator node.


                1. Double-click the language translator node. Configure the node for your translation by selecting the following information. Then, click Done.
                  • Mode: Translate
                  • Domains: News
                  • Target: Select a language


                  1. Deploy your application.
                  2. Try out your application. Both the /tele and /tv should work.


                    1. Click Translation. Then, click Load for the video stream URL.


                      1. Wait for the video stream and translation to start.