Building blocks of a conversation

Let’s start by watching this short video called “Watson Conversation Tool Overview”:

Watson Conversation Tool Overview

Creating a chatbot might seem simple. The challenge is not so much the software but natural human language. If the guy at the local fast food place says, “Fries with that,” is he asking a question, like “Do you want fries with your meal?” Or is he making a statement: “Fries come with the meal.”

Humans can pretty well understand what the intent is. But how do we get software to figure this out? Just think about all the slang and catchphrases you use with your friends every day. How would a computer understand that? The simple answer is that you need to train that software to recognize human speech.

To train the software, in this case, IBM Watson Conversation, you have to know about the three main components of conversation:

  • Intents
  • Entities
  • Dialog