Cloud service models and IBM Cloud offerings

Before you develop cloud applications, you should understand the three main types of IBM cloud service models: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

IBM Bluemix infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IBM Bluemix infrastructure provides self-service deployment of virtual servers, dedicated bare metal servers, and related storage, networking, and security infrastructure in secure IBM Cloud data centers around the world. It provides the hosting infrastructure used by IBM Bluemix Public and IBM Bluemix Dedicated services.

IBM Bluemix platform as a service (PaaS)

IBM Bluemix platform as a service (PaaS) is an open standards cloud platform for building, running, and managing apps and services. It makes application development easier by allowing developers to focus on code and data alone. Bluemix platform as a service manages middleware, operating systems, and hosting infrastructure automatically. It has a rich catalog of cloud services that can be easily integrated with PaaS and IaaS to build business applications rapidly.

Software as a service (SaaS) and IBM Marketplace

The software as a service (SaaS) model provides business applications on a ready-to-use and self-service model. The IBM Marketplace is a place where enterprise cloud customers can discover, learn, try, and buy cloud services from IBM and Business Partners.

IBM Cloud Garage Method

The IBM Cloud Garage Method combines industry practices including IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup, agile development, and continuous delivery, to build innovative solutions. It outlines a DevOps methodology that focuses around seven practice areas: culture, think, code, deliver, run, manage, and learn.

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