Components of Bluemix PaaS compute options

Bluemix Cloud Foundry key components

The IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry application environment is based on the combination of runtimes for specific languages, boilerplates that assemble runtimes with services an application code, services which are can be bound to applications to extend functionality. These services come in two forms: managed services provided through the Bluemix catalog, or created by a user as user-defined services to define services outside of Bluemix

Bluemix Container Service key components

The IBM Bluemix Container Service platform integrates components needed to operate containers in a hosted cloud environment. It provides a Docker engine to run containers, container groups and through kubernetes workers, clusters of containers. IBM provides a hosted private container registry for you to store your container images. Vulnerability Advisor discovers vulnerabilities and compliance problems in Docker images stored in the container registry. Also in the container registry are a collection of IBM provided and supported enterprise-ready container images for you to use in building your own application containers.

OpenWhisk key components

OpenWhisk provides an event-driven computing paradigm based upon actions which are code snippets implemented on action runtimes provided by Python, Swift, Node.js and Java or through a Docker container. Actions are run as a result of triggers caused by events. A rule provides a mapping between a specific trigger and the action to run. Sequences support the creation of a set of linked actions where the output of one action is fed as input to the next.

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