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Connect to your Twitter account

    1. Focus on the Config group of nodes. The reset context input forces the Conversation context to reset, which restarts the conversation from the beginning.

    1. Double-click the function node named add context. Edit the function to include the Twitter handle that you want the information to flow to:

      handle: “<your_twitter_handle>”,

    1. Click Done.
    2. Select the link node. Note that it flows directly to the conversation node.

    1. In the conversation group of nodes, double-click the twitter (Tweet) node.

      1. Click the Pencil icon. Then, click Click here to authenticate.

      1. If prompted, log in to Twitter. Then, click Authorize App.

      1. Wait for the authorization to complete.

      1. Go back to your Node-RED flow editor. Click Add. Then, click Done.

      1. Click Deploy to deploy your modified flow. Your application is now ready.
      2. Trigger a reset context.

      1. Trigger a set user details.

      1. Using either the mic or the sample text in inject nodes, interact with your application so that your application sends a tweet.

        1. Check Twitter for the tweet.