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Continuous integration and continuous delivery

You can use the Delivery Pipeline in Continuous Delivery toolchains option to manage continuous integration and continuous delivery.

In this section, you learn about:

  • Delivery Pipeline service
  • Role of stages in the Delivery Pipeline and stage configuration
  • Stage input and options for the Stage Trigger
  • Types of Stage jobs: Build, Test, and Deploy
  • Continuation options when a job fails

The Delivery Pipeline provides a modular framework where you can combine a series of stages to execute every time new code is committed to a repository.

Stages execute one or more jobs to process application artifacts. Each job type includes a group of predefined job templates applicable to the task. The templates can be modified and saved to allow customization of the actions for the job. For example, a Cloud Foundry deployment could be customized to use a host name that is specified through a stage environment variable.

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