Course summary

You should now understand how to use IBM Watson service and the Node-RED flow editor to wire application components together to make cognitive applications.

In the labs, you learned how to:

  • Create a simple Node-RED boilerplate application in IBM Bluemix
  • Build a web page and create a REST API in Node-RED
  • Add community nodes and Watson services to a Node-RED application
  • Translate text, analyze tone, add audio, and send tweets from a Node-RED application by using IBM Watson cognitive services
  • Create a Facebook Messenger bot and connect it to the Watson Conversation service

You also learned how to work with several IBM Watson services such as Speech to Text, Translation, Tone Analyzer, and Conversation.

Lastly, you learned how to connect the Watson Conversation service to Facebook Messenger and create dynamic web pages by adding JavaScript and media utilities to separate audio from a video stream for translation.