Create a Cloudant database

  1. Log in to IBM Bluemix.
  2. Click Catalog in the upper right.
  3. Click Data & Analytics.
  4. Click Cloudant NoSQL DB.
  5. Click Create.
  6. On the Cloudant page, click Launch.
  7. Click DATABASES.
  8. Click Create Database.
  9. For the name of the new databases, enter weatherwatchers. Then, click Create.
  10. Click the X to dismiss the success notification banner.
  11. Click API to view the REST API URL to access this database. Make a note of this API.
  12. Click the + next to All Documents. Click New Doc.
  13. Enter a sample weatherwatcher report based on the example shown here. Click Create Document.
    {"location":[34, 45],
    "watcher":{"name":"Bob", "email":"[email protected]", "city":"Here"},

  14. Click the X to dismiss the success banner. Select the Docs check box to see the entire record.
  15. Click Permissions.
  16. Click Generate API Key.
  17. Make a note of the newly generated key and password. Select the check boxes for _reader and _writer of the new API key user.

This concludes the creation and setup of your Cloudant database. Return to Bluemix.