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Create a device schema on the Internet of Things Platform boilerplate on IBM Bluemix

To send messages to a device from IBM Bluemix, you need an IoT platform.

In this lab, you’ll use the Watson Internet of Things Platform Starter boilerplate from Lab 1, but you will start by using one of the services embedded in this boilerplate: the Watson IoT Platform service.

You can find that boilerplate in the overview of the services of your Bluemix application.

  1. Log in to Bluemix and launch the service. Then, click Launch dashboard.
  2. Select Devices and then click Add Device.

    In the new Watson IoT Platform, there are no device types, so you need to create a one.
  3. Click Create device type.
  4. Click Create device type and then enter something like RPi3 to identify your Raspberry Pi.

    For this lab, use the device type name of RPI3 that you just created.

  5. Click Next on the next four dialogs until you see the following page with the device that you selected in the list.
  6. Click the RPi3 device type. Select your previously created device type and click Next.
  7. Enter the device ID. For example, enter RaspberryPi3. Then, click Next.
  8. Specify an authentication token or use the randomly generated one like the one shown here:
  9. Copy this device information, especially the authentication token. Later, you need to enter this information in Node-RED on the Raspberry Pi.
    Important: You will not be able to see the authentication token after you leave this page, so be sure to copy and save it.