Create a device schema on the Internet of Things Platform service on IBM Bluemix

To send messages from a smart device over IBM Bluemix to your Raspberry Pi, you need the Watson IoT™ platform.

In the previous labs, you used the Internet of Things Platform Starter boilerplate with its Node-RED environment. In this lab, you’ll reuse the Internet of Things Platform service that you used in the previous labs with Swift on iOS and with Node-RED on Raspberry Pi.

  1. Log in to Bluemix, find the Watson IoT Platform service from your boilerplate application (accessible from the Dashboard), and start the service. Then, click Launch dashboard.
  2. Select Devices and then click Add Device.
  3. Select the RPi3 device that you created in Lab 2.
  4. Enter the following new device ID: RaspberryPi3iRobotCreate2. Save the device information for later. You will need it for the Node-RED flow on the Raspberry Pi.

You are now ready to pass commands from a smartphone to your Raspberry Pi over the MQTT protocol used by the Watson IoT Platform.