Create a new API

  1. Log in to IBM Bluemix. Click your API Connect service tile. You should see the API Connect dashboard.
  2. Click Sandbox.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Show to view the automatic subscription ID. Make a note of this ID.
  5. Click Endpoints. Make a note of the endpoint.
  6. Click the Menu icon > Drafts.
  7. Click APIs.
  8. Click Add and then click New OpenAPI from scratch.
  9. For the name of the new API, enter Checking. Then, click Add a product.
  10. For the name of the product, enter Checking. Then, click Create API.
  11. Click Paths.
  12. Click + to create a new path. Set the name of the new path to /checkRequest.
  13. Click the Trash can icon to remove the GET operation.
  14. Click Add Operation > POST.
  15. Click Add Parameter > Add new parameter.
  16. In the Name field, enter body. Set the Located In field to Body. Select the Required check box. Set the type to String.